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April 24 2018

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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Fast

Everyone dreads the thought of discovering bed bugs in their living space. Whether you live in a home, an apartment, or a condominium, bed bugs may arrive. Multiple dwelling settings can be infested over and over if the problem is not professionally treated. It is not enough to treat one unit because bedbugs move easily from one to another.

Call at First Sight

The best way to get rid of these bugs fast is to call a professional pest control company as soon as bugs are sighted. There is no time to waste. A bed bug exterminator has to assess the situation to make sure the pests are actually bed bugs and not spider beetles, bat bugs, or cockroach nymphs. There are five pests that are often mistaken for bed bugs.

Proper bed bug control is faster and less expensive in the early stages. Treatment can be concentrated if the infestation is in a single-family home. Waiting will provide time for bed bugs to spread, multiply, and find new places to hide. The result is the need to treat the entire house. Not only is that more expensive, it is a major inconvenience for the whole family.

Ways to Avoid Infestation

Preventative measures are simple and effective. Washing the bedding frequently will discourage bugs. Clearing up clutter will also make a big difference as bed bugs are attracted to small and dark places. Keeping food out of bedrooms is also wise because bugs will not be attracted to places with no food source. Once bed bugs arrive the sleeping person becomes the food source, so it is better to avoid them than get rid of them.

Covering mattresses with anti-bicrobial cases or adding a treated bed topper will also prevent bed bugs in the home. This should be done for all mattresses, even those in the guest room or on the roll-away bed. It is important to realize that bed bugs can be found all over the house. If the family snacks in the living room, for example, be sure the cushions are vacuumed often

A professional will arrive every few months to detect any bug activity so treatment can be started sooner rather than later. Plans can also include spraying in and around the house for common pests in the area. The cost is minimal and has the potential to save homeowners a great deal of money. It is less expensive to prevent infestations than to treat them.

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